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    Melinda helps Orange fly!

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    Sacha helps Ivy invert!

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    MSC leo gals!

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    Angel in Straps.

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    Double decker Rola Bola!

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    Silks Duet!

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    Millie doing what she loves!

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    Lyra Magic.

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    Clowning Around!

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    Two-high with Sacha!

We offer small-group circus arts lessons for children and adults by the session. The Fall session begins in September - priority registration is given to current students and as openings occur we offer slots to students on our wait list. If you or your child would like to be on the wait list for future classes, please send an email. Currently all our Fall kids sessions are sold out.

NEW CLASS FOR ADULTS THIS FALL! Beginner Aerial Silks and Sling, 4 Wednesdays in September, $140 for the session.

Consider booking individually scheduled private lessons and semi-private lessons in different aspects of circus arts. Our Private lessons are for kids through adults on silks, static trapeze, aerial hoop, acrobatics, wire or sling. Private lessons start at $75/hour lesson for one person. Private lesson registration links here. Email us or call 781 893 2491 to arrange a lesson.

To foster an individualized learning environment and to ensure maximum safety, we do not allow more than 9 students in our session classes. No drop-ins are allowed to our session classes. We build a personal, supportive community and help students set goals, build strength slowly and safely, and guide them to achieving their full potential no matter what skill level they start at. Many of our students have been studying continuously with us for 10 years or more. We offer a recital at the end of each session in which all students put their amazing new skills on display. Our caring approach fosters confidence, teamwork, self-expression, creativity, and incredible skill building.

We do not accept students younger than 7, though we do book private lessons for a younger child. To make sure our classes are a good fit for you or your child, you must have the permission of directors Melinda and Sacha Pavlata to join the program. Please give us a call at 781 893 2491 or email us to discuss the possibilities.


Here’s Moody Street Circus’ daughter and teacher Zoë on tumblr. Visit Zoe’s page for a view of what the studio looks like.

Circus Arts Sessions are led by Moody Street Circus Studio Directors
Sacha & Melinda Pavlata, Ph.D. The Pavlatas come from multi-generational circus families and both grew up performing professionally around the world.

Alexandre Sacha Pavlata is a fifth-generation Czech circus artist and world-renown circus arts teacher. Mr. Pavlata taught at the Conservatoire National du Cirque in Paris from 1975 -1979 and was a member of the Bertini Unicycle Troupe in Cirque Bouglione. A star of the Big Apple Circus in the 1980s, Sacha performed the Cloud Swing and a world class Russian Barre act.  Mr. Pavlata trained acts for Cirque du Soleil’s first season, prepared Broadway stars for the international stage production of “Barnum,” and appeared in the major motion pictures Big Top Pee Wee and Annie. In 1986, Sacha co-founded Circus Flora, and ten years later joined the Flying Wallendas to help this legendary family recreate their famous seven-person pyramid on the high wire, an incredible feat for which they won the Silver Clown at the prestigious Monte Carlo Festival in 2003. FULL BIO HERE.

Melinda grew up as a 2nd generation kid performer in the Pickle Family Circus on the West Coast and as an adult was a long-time company member of Circus Flora. Melinda is a juggler, dancer, aerialist and choreographer. She has toured around the world as a trapeze artist, dancing clown, platform Wallenda and sword balancer with the Wallenda Family Circus (U.S., New Zealand, Taiwan), Circus Flora (MO, TX, MA, AZ) and Cirque Passion (MA, NY). She produced full-length Moody Street Circus tented shows in Waltham and Newton, MA to raise money and awareness for the ALS Therapy Development Institute (Lou Gehrig's Disease research and treatment), the YMCA, and Veterans of the Post 440. Melinda earned her Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania in 1997 and won teaching awards and rave reviews from students at UPenn and Boston College. She has been immersed in physical arts and pedagogy for over 30 years. She has served on the faculty at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health and has been invited to teach movement workshops around the world. Melinda is also a writer, speaker and performance coach.

Our students range in age from 7 to (in the case of some private students) 67. We teach low wire, mini trampoline, unicyle, rola bola, rolling globe, hula hoop, aerial fabric, aerial hoop, aerial sling, static trapeze, juggling, acrobatics, pyramids and partnering, and more. We have coached professional figure skaters on how to build a fusion aerial act, helped actors learn circus skills for special parts, and enriched the lives of many children with the beauty and challenge of circus arts.

Happy Circusing!
Bruce Mount Photo below of Moody Street Circus aerialist Zoe at Karoun Restaurant.
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