What you wear to circus class is a matter of safety, proper focus on skills, and injury prevention.

In circus class, your clothing should NEVER distract you when you are practicing challenging skills. It should be formfitting. It should keep bare skin covered that needs to be covered, like under your armpits and behind your knees, and it should expose the bare skin that is helpful for climbing and not slipping, like your feet.

For safety and to minimize distraction on all equipment including tumbling and partner work, please keep your long hair tied back. We know you can’t always come perfectly prepared to class, and we keep hair ties in the studio we happily give out to students. Consider donating to the hair tie supply closet if your child has been a repeat offender :).

Loose fabric from your clothing should never get tangled up in the silks as you practice your skills. This happens when students wear a t-shirt on the aerial fabric, for example. These kinds of tangles are entirely preventable and therefore should not happen!

If you wear only an athletic bra to practice, you WILL get a burn or a scrape on your bare skin from the equipment. Maybe not today, but soon. And that is preventable. How? By wearing a leotard!

Your clothing should not flip over your head or expose your belly when you are upsidedown. It should not create difficulties for your teachers who are spotting you and who want to keep you 100% safe on all equipment at all times.

We are concerned when, instead of concentrating fully on an acrobatic skill, students are reaching to pull their t-shirts down over their stomachs. We don’t want to have to do all the work of holding you aloft in those moments! Please help us help you by wearing a leotard!

When you hang upside-down on the trapeze bar, you should not be worrying about chaffing the bare skin behind your knees.

When you slide down the silks, you should not worry about getting an armpit burn.

See the photo below of our two students on unicycles to get an idea of the an IDEAL outfit for circus class.



Footless leggings that cover the backs of your knees.


Footless unitards with 3/4 sleeve.

Many of our students like to wear bike shorts over the leotard and leggings.

Form fitting clothing keeps you safe, encourages good technique and minimizes distractions.

BOYS: You can wear a tight t-shirt and long bike shorts, or a tight tank top and close-fitting sweatpants. If you wear loose shorts, you won’t be 100% happy when you go upside-down. And you will be going upside-down.

If you wear a t-shirt and loose shorts to class, we will have to work extra hard at teaching you skills and keeping you safe.

Audrey Fanny Unicyle MSC Leos

OTHER ACCEPTABLE (though less ideal) OUTFITS: A tight fitting tank top with footless leggings is not a bad way to go. The leotard doesn’t necessarily have to cover your armits (but we may not teach you some fun tricks then). If you wear a tank top and end up spending too much time adjusting it, we will recommend you reconsider, and WEAR A LEOTARD. They are under $20, available online Discount Dance Supply and many other local dance stores. Dancer’s Image in Newton. Capezio in Wellesley. We also recommend buying inexpensive tights and cutting off the feet to wear as leggings. You do not have to spend a lot of money on this.


Since we do so much barefoot work in the studio, clipping your toe nails and keeping your feet clean helps keep our equipment clean and our aerial fabric without snags and holes. We provide baby wipes for students to wipe down their feet before climbing the silks, for example. We appreciate it when parents encourage their children to clip their toe nails. Thank you parents!