Co-Founder & Master Circus Teacher, Moody Street Circus

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    Moody Street Circus Co-Founders Sacha and Melinda Melina Pavlata at their Ancient Greek wedding in Athens!

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    Sacha and Melinda Melina perform their trapeze duet in Cirque Passion.

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    Sacha was born in Prague in a traveling wooden circus wagon! (That's him on the far right). He performed throughout Europe and North Africa with his circus family.

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    Sacha was a star of the Big Apple Circus in the 1980s!

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    In the circus, Sacha has performed horses to high wire and everything in between! (That's him on the lower left)

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    Sacha was in the movie Big Top Pee Wee! He's the one with the hat on the right :)

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    Sacha has taught hundreds of circus students around the world over many decades!

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    Sacha is also co-founder of Circus Flora in St Louis.

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    Sacha walked across a 1 km high wire in Seoul, South Korea in 23 minutes.

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    Sacha performs with the Flying Wallendas. He is third man on the 7-person pyramid base.

Alexandre Sacha Pavlata is a fifth-generation Czech circus artist, master aerialist and world-renown circus arts teacher.  He grew up with his traveling circus family in a wooden circus wagon which crisscrossed Europe and North Africa presenting their famous unicycle and trampoline act under big tops all over the globe. From horses to high wire and everything in between, Sacha has since performed nearly every kind of circus act you could imagine.

Sacha's circus heritage goes back 5 generations on both sides.  His mother, Hungarian-born Anna Dubsky, came from a long line of Risley Act performers (the acrobatic foot juggling of people), and his father, Czech-born Karl Pavlata, descended from a family of aerialists known for their great physical strength and versatility in the air.

In addition to performing in his family's act as a child, Sacha grew up helping put up and take down circus tents and master all the rigging under a Big Top.  His technical expertise on the circus lot is legendary throughout the world, and he is known especially for his careful attention to safety.

Sacha  taught at the Conservatoire National du Cirque in Paris from 1975-1979 and performed as a member of the Bertini Unicycle Troupe with Cirque Bouglione, a famous French circus.  As a member of the New York City-based Big Apple Circus in the 1980s, Pavlata performed the Cloud Swing and a world class Russian Barre act.  He also brought the Bertini family over from Europe to perform in the Big Apple Circus ring.  While starring with the Big Apple Circus, he was master teacher for the New York School of Circus Arts. Sacha was also the technical mastermind behind putting up the Big Apple's Big Top tent in Lincoln Center.
Sacha has trained such stars as Andre Gower and Nicole Eggert for the 1987 television special “Circus of the Stars.” Additionally, he consulted for Canada’s Cirque du Soleil to train new acts for the 1986 season.

Sacha was featured in Paul Reuban’s “Big Top Pee Wee” and was the circus arts instructor for the film. He trained the original Broadway cast of Barnum including Stacie Keach, as well as the cast of the national touring company, the Australian company, and Michael Crawford’s London version of the show.
Sacha is a co-founder of Circus Flora and former director and founder of the Circus Flora Circus Arts School.  He served as master circus teacher for Center of Creative Arts in St. Louis and residencies during Circus Flora’s National tours. He founded the circus arts school  Sacha's St. Louis School of Circus Arts and currently directs Cirque Passion’s School of Circus Arts for children of all ages.
In 1998, Pavlata joined the Flying Wallendas to help create the famous seven-person pyramid on the high wire, an incredible feat for which they won the Silver Clown at the prestigious Monte Carlo Festival du Cirque in 2003 (Sacha’s is 3rd man on the bottom at the base of the pyramid). He still tours with the Flying Wallenda family when they are contracted to perform that magnificent feat high aloft.

Together with his wife Melinda, Sacha created their tented circus Cirque Passion and later established Moody Street Circus as a teaching studio.  They have delighted audiences at  festivals, circuses galas and theatrical cabarets worldwide with their skills and magic visions.

Sacha Pavlata is interviewed in a wonderful book by Bill Smoot published by Indiana University Press entitled Conversations with Great Teachers. "In the spirit of Studs Terkel's Working, Bill Smoot interviews master teachers in fields ranging from K-12 and higher education to the arts, trades and professions, sports, and politics.  The result suggests a dinner party where the most fascinating teachers in America discuss their views of teaching and what makes their work meaningful to them." 

Mr. Smoot asks Mr. Pavlata: "What effect does the two weeks (of circus arts camp) have on the children?"

Sacha's reply:

"Oh gosh.  My classes have become so popular because it's challenging for the kids.  They like to be challenged...  When their parents come to pick them up, they [the kids] want to stay...  They are happy, and they have such confidence.  We have lunch, and sitting around me, they ask me questions:  Where you come from? What have you done?  And of course, I give them all the stories, how I grew up - because I'm five generations in the circus world.  There is a magical change in them.  There is a joy - it's just fantastic."