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Come to our belly dance combinations classes on Tuesdays (7 p.m.), Wednesdays (7 p.m.) and / or Saturdays (12:30 p.m.) at any time for $20.
Check our
live calendar page to make sure class is running on the day you plan to come.
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Second-generation dancer Melina teaches her family legacy of cabaret-style belly dance as a fun and inclusive practice of body awareness and somatic celebration. She pays careful attention to movement details and breaks down transitions so that even a brand new dancer can know what to do. Her classes encourage students to enjoy themselves no matter where they are in their dance journey, to move from a grounded place, and to create new connections in the body, and by extension, to the world.

If you are just starting out, keep in mind that learning new dance movements is like learning a new language -- it takes time to gain fluency and control, so enjoy the process. There is no rush, only a delicious unfolding over time in which you gain greater and more nuanced control of your body and its energies. Over time you learn to find pleasure in your movements from the inside out. Outward “perfection” is overrated. Once you have a few classes under your belt, muscle memory begins to set in, and you will find yourself flowing into with the dance and able to express the music and yourself with greater ease.

You can drop into the Thursday beginners class (7 p.m. - 8 p.m.) and Tuesday/Saturday belly dance combinations classes at any time, they are ongoing. (Tuesday class is 7 p.m. - 8:00 p.m., Saturday class is 12:30 - 1:30 p.m.) Drop into a class without commitment for $20, or purchase a 10-class card for $150. Class cards are non-refundable and they never expire; we recommend you drop in to a couple of classes to make sure you love them before you commit to the class card. The Wednesday choreography class is by permission of instructor only. You must be commit to coming every week and making rehearsals when needed. Please email her to request permission to join this class.

Melina encourages students to dance with safe posture and a full range of emotion. Her students explore thoughtful and graceful transitions, musicality, creativity and self-expression.  All women -- no matter what age, shape, nationality or philosophical affiliation -- are goddesses who benefit from the beauty and empowerment of this ancient art form.

Payment Links Here.

Tips from the Hip blog has a lot of essays and useful student resources posted there.

Video footage of Melina’s performance at MassRaqs.

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ALWAYS Double check live calendar before coming in in case studio is closed due to weather or holidays

FIRST TIMERS: If it is your first time to the studio, try to leave extra time before class to find parking (there are plenty of public lots on the side streets of Moody Street as well as in the neighborhood around but it is difficult to park on Moody Street itself) and to locate the studio. You will also need to sign a waiver form. There is no sign for the studio on the street outside the building. Look for the door marked 397 Moody Street to the right of the Furniture Warehouse. Enter the glass door, go up the stairs and to the left. You will be surprised to discover our large and beautiful space in such an unassuming building.

CLASS ATTIRE: you should wear comfortable clothing you can move and sweat in - jog bra, tank top and leggings or yoga pants are fine. I conduct class barefoot as my style is very earthy and I like to be able to connect to all parts of my feet depending on what movement I’m doing. Some students wear dance paws to class if they want a little extra protection for the balls of their feet. Most students dance barefoot. There are no outside shoes allowed into the dance studio. I loan out hip scarves, veils and finger cymbals to students during class, so you do not need to bring anything special unless you have it already. We suggest you bring a water bottle to class.

For more details that include video links of Melina’s performances, visit
Daughters of Rhea, Melina’s family’s belly dance website. 

For more belly dance student resources, visit Melina’s
Tips from the Hip blog.

Melina by Dreamer’s Realm Photography.

Melina has been invited to teach and perform her family’s dynamic Greco-Turkish belly dance style at prestigious venues all over the world, from Paris, France to Athens, Greece; from Baltimore’s Museum of Art to Singapore’s Victoria Theatre, from Taiwan’s Taipei Arena to Kripalu Center of Yoga and Health in the Berkshires.  At Kripalu Melina leads an annual retreat “Wild Hips, Gypsy Heart: Belly Dance as Self-Empowerment.”  She has appeared on Greek television, was featured in the documentary So Much, So Fast, danced in the wonderful dance and story Project “From the Horse’s Mouth,” was a teacher and performer on MTV’s show “Made”, was hired as a performer at a Bridezilla wedding, danced with horses, elephants and violins in Circus Flora of St Louis.  She is the only belly dancer in the world to perform a sword-on-dagger balance in her performances --  Melina balances a sword on a dagger clutched in her jaws.  Melina has danced at beautiful weddings and celebrations at virtually every luxury hotel in Boston including the Ritz, The Taj and the Four Seasons.

Melina sword dagger with website