I love it when artists and educators have spent time thinking through for themselves and communicating with clarity on why they do what they do!

To that end, here is my mission statement.

Through teaching belly dance I want…

To empower women and promote positive energy.

To help everyone move from a grounded, centered and serene place.

To create space and fluidity in the body.

To encourage women’s unique expression of their true selves.

To celebrate life, creativity and community.

To couple technique and precision with enthusiasm and passion.

To be industrious in practice so we can be Dionysian in performance.

To pay attention to breath and the moment.

To be in our bodies with peace, strength, grace, awareness and open hearts.

To be thoughtful, wise and informed in our self-presentation, dance choices and performance contexts.

To celebrate somatic diversity and salute individual strengths.

To be open to transformation and revelation at every stage of our dance career.

To leave a trace, cause a ripple….to open new spaces to beauty.

Daughters of Rhea: an international, multi-generational, life of dance experiment.


Photo Below: Piper and Melina, Co-Founders and Real-Life Sisters, Daughters of Rhea Dance Company at Karoun Restaurant in Newton, MA